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Pay the Writers -- Overland takes action

La république des lettres —
Pay the Writers -- Overland takes action

"As anyone who’s ever been involved in a campaign knows, it’s hard to predict at the outset what shape it will take, what things it will have the power to change or how many people are going to turn up to meetings, particularly the first one.

This is what we were discussing when staff from Overland, the Australian Society of Authors, the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance, Writers Victoria, the Emerging Writers’ Festival and the National Young Writers’ Festival were arranging tables and chairs downstairs at The Wheeler Centre. The aim of the meeting was to turn the conversation that’s come to be known as ‘Pay the Writers’, a loose collective started by writer and editor Jennifer Mills, into a more structured campaign, one with bulk and concrete objectives. To take off, such a campaign needs a mass of members – vocal members – who have ideas on what needs to shift to improve a situation." TO BE CONTINUED.

To read the rest of this article by Jacinda Woodhead, please click on the weblink below.

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