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A fresh review of A Brief Take on the Australian Novel from a talented Melbourne University reviewer

"A Brief Take on the Australian Novel makes a substantial contribution to Australian literary studies, providing readers with a panoramic view of Australian novels – from colonial literature produced in the convict system (including Australia’s first novel, Henry Savery’s 1831 work Quintus Servinton) through to the postmodernists and the practitioners of contemporary Australian fiction.

Jean-François Vernay, the author of two previous influential studies, occupies a unique position as an international academic invested in the machinations of the insular Australian literary scene. Vernay’s outsider’s perspective sets him apart from those local critics who have more skin in the game, both personally and professionally, and offers something of an antidote to a cultural cringe that gives primacy to European and American literature."


To cite this article: Tobias McCorkell (2017): A brief take on the Australian novel, Journal of Postcolonial Writing, DOI: 10.1080/17449855.2017.1413779

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