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37th AULLA congress feedback

La république des lettres —
37th AULLA congress feedback

Nouméa, 15.07.2013

My heartfelt thanks go to the generous support of the Japan Foundation Intellectual Exchange Conference Grant Program for making my participation in the 37th AULLA congress and in the Roger Pulvers Masterclass a possible venture.
This active participation have given me an insightful overview of the latest stimulating ideas and trends in research, and a glimpse into the inspiring pedagogy that is put into practice in the English-speaking world.
It enabled me to present my paper on literary theory and the philosophy of fiction ("The Truth about Fiction as Possible Worlds") to a responsive audience at a crucial time when my latest literary essay, Plaidoyer pour un renouveau de l’émotion en literature (Paris: Complicités, 2013) was being translated by Melbourne University scholar Dr. Carolyne Lee, thus giving exposure to some of the ideas contained in the book. I will now expand my paper, which was enthusiastically received, into a journal article format.
I have taken the liberty to offer a complimentary copy of Plaidoyer pour un renouveau de l’émotion en literature to the new AULLA journal,The Journal of Language, Literature and Culture (formerly known as AUMLA), and to the University of Sydney.
I have also had the opportunity to go to as many lectures as I could and to interact with some of the participants, to exchange ideas and learn from their passions and backgrounds. The lively and brilliant Roger Pulvers Masterclass has somewhat stimulated the participating young writers into having more confidence and setting their imagination free to shape engrossing stories.
In sum, the 37th AULLA congress will surely leave a lasting imprint on my mind.


Jean-François Vernay


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