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Poem by Imran Khan: Solitary at night

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Poem by Imran Khan: Solitary at night

Solitary at night

At night

when everything seems to stop

when silence is the order of time

when moon smiles in bunch of stars

when you are far away and I am alone

when distance keeps us apart

when I try to sleep but could not

when your memories takes control of me

when tears drop from my eyes

when pain in my heart shake me off

when sadness cripple me down

then I remember that you are in my heart

then I close my eyes to meet you again

then I imagine you are sitting with me

then I talk with you about my pain

then you tell me that I am not alone

then I feel good and hold your hands

then happiness slowly fills my soul

then I smile and drown in your dreams….

Imran Khan works as Senior Assistant Director in a Regulatory Authority in Islamabad, Pakistan. He recently published his first book on Poetry "Love is Evergreen"

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Imran khan 16/09/2013 07:23

Many thanks :)