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Recipient of a Japan Foundation Bursary: Heartfelt Thanks to the Committee

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Recipient of a Japan Foundation Bursary: Heartfelt Thanks to the Committee

My heartfelt thanks go to the Japan Foundation bursary committee which has awarded me one of the 2 Japan Foundation bursaries worth $2,000 (see details below). I am elated that my application was successful, a fact that, on top of making my day, will enable me to present a paper at this important international congress (see weblink below).

This will certainly stimulate my research on the novel and literary theory. I also look forward to the Master Class with Roger Pulvers.

Special thanks to Associate Professor Tomoko Aoyama who organized the Japan Foundation grant applications and to the Japan Foundation which has been generous to AULLA. As Associate Professor Liam Semler puts it, "it is wonderful to see how the Japan Foundation assists lots of scholars in pursuing their research", acknowledgements echoed by Dr Jan Shaw according to whom AULLA feels "very lucky to have such a generous fund this time around. Associate Professor Tomoko Aoyama has been spectacular in securing the support of the Japan Foundation".

Many thanks to all. I will post my abstract very soon. My paper is an elaboration on the ideas which I have developed in my latest theory book: Plaidoyer pour un renouveau de l’émotion en littérature

Kindest regards,

Jean-François Vernay


With the generous support of the Japan Foundation Intellectual Exchange Conference Grant Program, we are pleased to announce the following additional initiatives to the 37th AULLA Congress:

1) The Japan Foundation Keynote Presentation by Roger Pulvers: “How Japan Can Save the World: You Too Can Be Strong in the Rain” (see his profile in the conference homepage: http://conference.aulla.com.au/). He will argue that Japan has become “the indispensable nation”. The values that Japanese people have nurtured over the centuries can give direction to other countries in their search for a truly human-centred development. The speech will refer to the life and work of a number of Japanese authors and artists, including Miyazawa Kenji and Inoue Hisashi.

2) A Master Class with Roger Pulvers: With his wealth of experience in an extraordinarily wide range of fields and genres, including theatre, fiction writing, translation, language teaching and learning (in ESL, Russian, Polish and Japanese), and journalism, Roger Pulvers will also conduct a Master Class for postgraduate students and early career researchers/ writers/ performers. Applications will be open not only to those working in Japan-related fields but also to any field encompassed by AULLA. The workshop will encourage the next generation of scholars to foster interdisciplinary ties, and will encourage all participants to forge connections between academia and the creative arts. Each participant will make a five-minute presentation on the theme of Worldmaking in their own field to receive feedback from Pulvers, their fellow participants and the audience.

Postgraduates and early career researchers/writers/performers who register to attend or are accepted to present at the conference can apply to participate in the Master Class with Roger Pulvers.

3) Travel grants for international and Australian postgraduate students and Early Career Researchers (ECRs).

The Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association (AULLA) invites applications for The Japan Foundation Postgraduate and ECR Travel Bursaries. The bursaries are open to paper presenters and Master Class participants at the 37th Congress of AULLA.

The number and amount of bursaries are as follows:

· Ten bursaries of A$500 each for applicants travelling from interstate (Applicants from regional Queensland may also be considered although the amount of the support may be modified.)

· Two bursaries of up to A$1,000 each for applicants travelling from New Zealand

· Two bursaries of up to A$2,000 each for applicants travelling from elsewhere in the world

Selection criteria include:

· relevance of the project to the theme of “Worldmaking”

· applicant’s track record/background

· degree of benefit the applicant will receive from this conference and workshop

The Japan Foundation Travel Bursaries are offered in addition to the six AULLA Postgraduate Research Students Travel Bursaries (http://conference.aulla.com.au/pages/travel-bursaries.php). Students may apply for both opportunities; however, each applicant can receive a maximum of one grant.

Further information may be found at http://conference.aulla.com.au/pages/japan-foundation-bursaries-masterclass.php.

For general proposal submission and conference registration, refer to the conference homepage: http://conference.aulla.com.au/

Best wishes,


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