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Sense, Sentiment, Compassion: The Conceptual Architecture of Emotion

Sense, Sentiment, Compassion: The Conceptual Architecture of Emotion

Date: 26 July
Venue: 4th floor Linkway, John Medley Building, The University of Melbourne
Contact: jessica.scott@unimelb.edu.au

The morning session will explore early modern concepts of emotion; in the afternoon we’ll focus on today’s vocabularies for thinking about emotion past and present, with one session on emotion, one on sentiment, one on feeling.

Peter de Bolla King’s College, Cambridge
“Francis Hutcheson and the ‘Invention’ of Sense.”

Katherine Ibbett University College, London; and Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University
“The Compassion Machine: Nature and Structure in Seventeenth-Century France”

Eric Mechoulan University of Montreal and Harvard University
“The Friendly Reader: Structures of Literary Sentiment in the Early Modern Period”

Response: Justin Clemens University of Melbourne
Please contact Jessica Scott to register and receive a reading pack.

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